April 15th holds some pretty monumental moments in the history of the United States, maybe even the world. It is the date in history that: French King Louis XIV declared war on Spain, the Titanic sunk, the first mobilization of federal troops to suppress the Southern uprising (beginning the Civil war), the day President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated, and the release of a song by Jackie DeShannon titled “What the world needs now is Love”. In 1965 the world was really in rough shape with the Vietnam war entering it’s tenth year, billions spent and protests all over. The Cold war, was really beginning to take affect on the lives of many around the world.

The world today

Today, more than 1965 the world needs Love! Holy crap! Can you stop and look around at the crazy stuff that is going on? You have to be blind if you can not see the world has gone from slightly lopsided to on its rearend. Worried about climate change? At this rate we won’t have to worry with climate, we will have killed everyone by the time that will start to matter! You can not go anywhere without someone fighting over something. Put your mask on, take your mask off, we vaccinate, do NOT vaccinate. We self identify there are the arguments over this! Self Identify? Are you kidding me! Yes, go ahead and roll out the attack squads against me because I disagree. Who or when did we begin to have the power to decide what or who we are?

Science is only good when I say

In a world which is so determined to stand on Science to be the backbone of everything and faith to be left out, so as to make it fair….. Your telling me that science is proving you to be something and simply because you say your not- so be it?

Racism? We are fighting this fight more in the media than in the streets. Allowing the government and the media to tell us, to convince us, we are all racist! We came together to end segregation, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life to end segregation! What are we doing to this man’s legacy? We are bringing back segregation but at the request of WHO? I know of no one, of different skin color, who I am personally close with that is for this?

Let’s not forget about war and the disrespect for life in the world. That has taken an all time high! I saw there was a school shooting the other day, it was in the subsection of the news page online. Not a major news story, not even “BREAKING NEWS”. It has become common place. And someone has to ask the question WHY?


When we ask the question “why”, we should be open to hear the honest answers, and not just adjust the narrative to fit our personal views. Looking at personal agenda’s over facts which can be substantiated. Like were you aware that from 1620ish to the 1963 ruling removing prayer from school, roughly 343 years, no one raised concern with the bible being read or prayer being offered.

Why is that? If we use simple math than we can say that the last kindergarten class to have the bible read to them, would have graduated by 1976. From then on we would have had a clean slate of students, which beyond the home see nothing of a national presence of God. In a strange turn you can see school shootings grow exponentially from 1966 onwards, skyrocketing by the 70’s and growing with each year moved further and further from the 1963 ruling.

There have always been school killings in one way or another, from very early on. But the numbers increase dramatically, and in mass situations. Where it was one on one, a family situation or matter, now it is a kill as many as possible with no respect for human life.

What the world needs now is Love!

I say all this to direct our attention to LOVE – what is love? Who is love? Scripture tells us that God is love. What does love look like? It looks like this:

I took this picture in Alabama at The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

It looks like this:

My Sacred Heart Image enshrined in my home

Love is sacrifice, obedience, humility, love goes beyond self and allows you to be transformed.

I have a strong desire, a strong devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. This most Sacred Heart was fully emptied on the Cross for the sins of the world, and we need to recognize it, and do something about it.

We may hear, “Do something about it” and think to arms! Or maybe write my Congressmen/Lady, it might make us thing to protest, to get on Social Media and proclaim our Christian roots and shame all others. My response is NO! Enough of the world is screaming and the voice simply gets lost in the world. But where it doesn’t get lost is in prayer. Yeah, I know roll your eyes.

Real Prayer Changes Things

Prayer is at the heart of everything we do. I don’t mean you saying a prayer with little to no effect on anything. I mean deep, real and authentic prayer. Prayer that changes you, prayer that changes me, prayer that changes the world. We first need to invite Jesus into our homes and to do this I encourage everyone reading this to first get yourself an image of the Sacred Heart, and enshrine it in a place in your home. Place it in an area where everyone can see it, those living there and those who visit. Pray the prayer of Reparation to the Sacred Heart and the litany of the Sacred Heart regularly.

Love is what we need now more than anything in the world. We need a Godly love, to be like God is what we are called to be. Therefore, love must be our most pressing quest. To love our neighbors as ourselves. To forgive and to let go of hostile feelings. Love is the Sacred Heart, it is the embodiment of love.

Get your Sacred Heart and Plan your enshrinement today!

My friends, we must pray with a true belief that God will provide, but we also must be willing to be open to the prayer to work on us as well. For our hardness of heart to be softened and our injuries to be healed. We must give love too. We have so much work to do. But first we must hand our hearts over to Jesus. If you like this image, I got mine here, at The Catholic Company, mine is a 12×16 and fits the space well but you can get them smaller or larger, just select the size you want. They had it to me in less than a week!

I have mine hanging in between my sitting room and hall right as you walk in the front door and as you come down the stairs. Every time we come or go we can all remember as we glance on the face of our Lord, what our mission of Love looks like. Get your image today and enshrine it in your home! Here is a link to a great site that helps you plan our your enshrinement and gives you many of the prayers associated with the Sacred Heart.