I sometimes find myself thinking of The Holy Spirit as the “forgotten one”. Maybe more so as the middle child? We believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord, the giver of life. The giver of life. How often do you think about that phrase? Personally, me, never… I mean what? I am an empty earthen vessel of clay or dirt. Like a simple earthenware table setting at your local Old Time Pottery, I am nothing without Him. Him who? Him the Father, Him the Son, Him the Holy Spirit?

We Believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord the giver of life.

“The the Lord God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” (Gen 2:7) The Breath of Life, the Holy Spirit. Have you contemplated your very being is animated through the work of GOD? Maybe, I have had too many cups of coffee this morning or the weeks leading up to Pentecost and reading and praying and learning about the Holy Spirit just has me really, focused on how amazing this is, in it’s most basic form.

Come Holy Spirit

Basic form? What do I mean? I mean we are preparing, actually starting today, for the Novena to the Holy Spirit. Jesus Ascended into Heaven yesterday, we (as apostles) are all crowded into the upper room with Mary and the other apostles, praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to come and strengthen us. Were talking Power from on HIGH! But I don’t want to look at that yet, because I am still focused on the most basic principle. That my very existence is possible by the Breath of God. We Believe in the Holy Spirit the Lord, the Giver of Life. Before we do ANYTHING God entrusts us with His Holy Spirit. When we walk, talk, breath, when we do anything we do it, empowered, and as a result of the Spirit of God within us.

Then we are Baptized, MORE HOLY SPIRIT! We receive the Eucharist, Jesus is united with us in the Sacramental Species and guess what MORE HOLY SPIRIT!! Then we receive Confirmation…You guessed it MORE HOLY SPIRIT! We are bursting at the seams with the Spirit of GOD! What are we doing with this profound gift?

I need to commit to my faith

Honestly, for years I did nothing. NOTHING at all with it. Didn’t think about, and really didn’t care. Then I came back to the Church, but even then it is a half hearted like “Yeah, I believe” but do you invest yourself totally in the Mystery? We go to Mass, its the least we can do….. I follow the Ten Commandments, I mean I haven’t killed anyone. (Ever hear that before?) Then we bebop from one thing to the next. Trust me I get it, I was there.

My decision to love God

It took me realizing what Love is, in order to fully understand my relationship with God. Love is a decision and I need to decide to Love God, and invest my heart. When we make the step to open our self to Him in Love, we can fully receive the Power.

When we accept this gift, are we truly ready to receive it? God unlocks the gates to our hearts, holding back the Spirit within us, and we are given power from on High, to overcome any obstacle. The same power the early Disciples of Jesus received, we too receive. Now we need to use it, in service of His Church.

Maybe that is what we are scared of? To receive it is to then be called to give it away, in charity, through works. To preach, teach, and proclaim the Gospel. Are we sacred of being “That Guy”? What is wrong with being “That Guy”? I would say if more of us were open to the Holy Spirit, a lot of our worldly problems would be solved.

Our response could change the world

You and I hold the solutions to many of our complaints. We just need to recognize it, and accept it. We have the power to change the world for the better. But we have become relaxed, not focusing on our calling as Catholics, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Let’s open our hearts to the Spirit and surrender to the Lord all our concerns and worries. Then make the decision every day to love Him who loved us First!