Charity is key to a good lent. Trying a new practice this lent, would be exercising charity….. I recently posted a video on my Youtube account about preparing for Lent. If you are all like me, it usually occurs to me the night of Ash Wednesday. I suddenly realize I need to give something up. OH and eat fish, pray more. You know the normal “Catholic” stuff. But shouldn’t we be a bit more prepared? I mean if we really wanna make this walk, it would help to prepare just a bit for the journey.

Lenten regulations

We are supposed to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, as well as, all Friday’s in Lent and we should Fast on Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday. Fasting is when we only have one big meal that day. When I was younger, I would just make sure my main meal was huge! Then when the other meals are not supposed to be as large as the main one, I was covered. I also took Lent as a time to really enjoy the fish, Shrimp, scallops, Maryland Crab Cakes! Oh man! Lent is so much FUN! I played close to the rules to make sure I won, when it came to Lent. Think, I might have missed the point of it all, and really did not have Charity in my heart?

I feel like I mentioned, Charity is key to a good lent!

We should make our Lenten Fast by abstaining from something, to give something up. To deny ourselves something we enjoy, a true sacrifice. I hear people sometimes say to give up something that is bad for you, and replace it with something good.

We should examine our lives and ask God what he would like for us to offer as our sacrifice for Lent. Every single year, I hear the same person give up coffee. They become extremely crabby, they let EVERYONE know their sacrifice and how much it sucks! I dare to say, Charity is missed in this exercise. As was said, Charity is key to a good lent

Coffee stocks dip as Lent begins!

Coffee seems to be a go-to for Lent. Maybe the thought counts, maybe we should put some thought into it. Your Lenten Sacrifice should not become an exercise for me! If what you give up makes you cranky and irritated and you attack everyone, its not clicking. We are also called to do it with joy in our heart and a smile on our face. Take this time now to begin praying, asking the Holy Spirit, to whisper His desires for your Lenten Sacrifice.

During this special time, we go into the Desert with Jesus, to prepare for what is to come. Focusing on deepening our prayer life should be a priority. Adding something to our prayer plan to deepen our Lenten Journey, we can continue with what we chose, to bring us into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus. We should look at our prayer life and ask what is missing? It could be we really have no prayer plan or prayer life. This could be the first time we really give ourselves over to prayer.


Our last exercise for Lent is to practice Alms Giving. Be honest with yourself, do you give with love in your heart and truly sacrifice? We tend to give our extra change to the poor, or maybe a dollar extra a week. We need to look and evaluate in our hearts if we are really acting in a sprite of charity. Is giving the extra change we have, a sacrifice? What can we do to make a difference in some body’s life? What can we do to help the needy? It is our call to live out acts of charity on a regular basis, so during Lent, we should go above and beyond. Remember, Charity is key to a good lent!

At the end of Lent, we go through the awesome time of the Triduum! If you allow yourself to fully invest in living the Lenten Journey. The time of the Triduum will be even more rewarding. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Let me know how it goes, and if it was not a powerful time in your journey with Christ!

Don’t forget to stay prayerful, I love you and so does Jesus!

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