The Rosary amounts to a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our heavenly mother. But why don’t we pray it more? It could be it intimidates some, or others might not even know what to do to pray it. Hopefully, after this you will have a little clearer understanding of it, and feel more comfortable praying it.

Where did the Rosary come from

The history of the Rosary is debated. Pius tradition holds that Our Lady presented it to St. Dominic in a vision to help preach against heresy in France. But long before that prayer beads were used by a variety of faiths. Prayer beads were used as ways to meditate through repetition.

In Die Hard, not sure which one, but the bad guy has a set of beads he is constantly holding and fingering the beads. Although he uses it to kill people, it is also his prayer beads and a basic example of the someone using prayer beads, even if it is to bring down Mel Gibson and Danny Glover’s characters!

Regardless of how this wonderful Sacramental was brought to us, it is a great addition to our arsenal of much needed weapons.

How do to pray it

The Rosary consists of The sign of the Cross, Apostles Creed, Our Father, Three Hail Mary’s, the Doxology and the Jesus prayer. On the following large bead we announce the mystery we are praying and begin with the Our Father, followed by ten Hail Mary’s (decade), the Doxology, and the Jesus prayer once more. Then repeated until all five decades have been prayed with their respected meditation. Following the last decade the Hail Holy queen is prayed and the final prayer and closing blessing.

The Mysteries are divided up and assigned a day for each one. For example:

MysteryDay to be prayed
GloriousSunday and Wednesday
JoyfulMonday and Saturday
SorrowfulTuesday and Friday

Mystery’s of the Holy Rosary

Each Mystery is then divided into five individual parts of the Life of Jesus and Mary, from scripture, which when prayed and meditated on draws us into a deeper understanding and appreciation of the events in salvation history.

The ResurrectionThe AnnunciationThe Agony in the GardenJesus is Baptized in the Jordan
The AscensionThe VisitationScourged at the pillarThe First Miracle at the Wedding feast of Cana
The Coming of the Holy SpiritThe Birth of Our LordCrowning with ThornsThe Proclamation of the Kingdom
The Assumption of Our LadyThe PresentationCarrying the CrossThe Transfiguration
The Coronation of Our LadyThe Finding in the TempleCrucifixion and death of JesusThe Institution of the Eucharist

Don’t Stress the small stuff

In a Church full of structure we can sometimes get overwhelmed with following the rules. The Rosary is intended to be an instrument to prayer, to increasing your relationship with God and giving you peace. You can pray it however you feel comfortable. I became so scrupulous at one point I set out on a mission to find the EXACT way to pray the rosary. The way I explained above seems to be the most agreed upon version. However, some families or parishes might have added other prayers at the end or beginning.

Here is a little helpful guide you can get, they sell all sorts of these but I like this prayer book. Some are just devoted to the Rosary. This one has the Rosary in it, and other prayers as well, so it is a win win!

The Pieta Prayer Book

In the end, don’t worry if you mess up. The term Rosary means “Bouquet”, a bouquet of prayers. If you get turned around and mess up, your mother in heaven will love the sweet prayers you give her as they are!

The Rosary, is truly a beautiful bouquet

My four year old brought me in a handful of “flowers” from outside this past week. Of all seven of my kids she was the first to ever do that, for me. They were dandelions and some kind of little purple flowers and some grass, some still with roots attached! It was a beautiful gesture of a pure heart. Nothing was attached to her gift but to present me with something she saw was beautiful and wanted to give it to me.

Our prayers are the same way to our Heavenly Mother and Father. I will go so far to say that when we are a little more humble and lost and confused. When we loose a bit of the organized and stoic nature of our prayer. That is when are prayers become a little more fruit bearing.

I remember one time after some very stressful moments in my life I was having a little bit of a panic attack or anxiety and I really didn’t know what to do. So I looked in the top drawer of my nightstand and my rosary was there and I picked it up and began to pray it. Not remembering the mysteries or the prayers, but I needed to focus and center on something. It brought me peace even before I finished the second decade. I remember saying “Holy Mother, I have no idea what I am doing, just need help” and away we went.

What are you waiting for?

Every Catholic should have at least one rosary. It should be with you at all times like a knight with his sword. Men carry it in your pocket, women in your purses. We should have it by our bedside, in our cars, luggage. I have a Black Vinyl Rosary Case I keep mine in and it is with me every day. The case helps protect it from all the other junk in my pocket. I have one I keep at my desk and a bowl full of others that the family uses. Some how we just collect them!

Guardian Angel Box and Pearlized Rosary

Another idea is when your in your car, to pray the rosary. Some have mixed emotions about if you can truly give yourself to meditation while driving…..I think there are varying degrees of meditation, and so the vehicle is a great way to pray the rosary each day. They have CD’s available if your interested in popping that in, and just following along. Below is one with the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Personally, I have never used this one. So I can not give a thumbs up or down on it. The series I have were given to me by the Knights of Columbus. I am not sure if they even make this series anymore. If you do happen to have the one below please let us know in the comments your thoughts on it.

Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy (CD)

Your Mother has asked you to do it

There are so many different accounts of Mary asking us to pray the Rosary. The Rosary is a powerful resource to grow closer to Jesus. Meditating on the mysteries unlocks the gateway to Christ. It teaches and reveals more about the mysteries each time we pray it.

virgin mary figurine on table
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What we need to guard against is the mechanical nature of just doing the motions and expecting the grace. We are not granted a participation trophy for attending. The grace we receive depends on our ability to accept and be open to it. Be mindful your in communion with God.

My Challenge for you

I am doing a Rosary Challenge! Starting the Monday after Divine Mercy and running up to and including the day of Pentecost, we will pray a rosary daily. The intentions are for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church. If you wish to join me please leave a comment or a thumbs up, whatever to indicate you are joining us in this prayer to our Blessed Mother.