Saint Rita is a perfect example of humility and love. Why do we not hear more about this amazing Saint? I have been around the Church for years and never remember hearing about this awesome and inspiring Saint!

St. Rita’s Story

She desired to be only God’s and to give herself totally to Him from a young age, but her parents had other plans and promised her in marriage. Obeying them, she found herself in a marriage less than desirable. St. Rita married a faithless and verbally abusive man, who wielded amazing power. However, she made the best of it, praying for her husband to return to his faith. He does, and they end up having two sons, and leading a holy life, of love and charity. Until her husband’s murdered in the streets of Cascia. St. Rita finds the strength to go on, living as a widow with her children and remaining faithful to Christ.

But wait, there’s more!

But that is not the end of the problems St. Rita will face. To her dismay her sons grow angry over their fathers murder, and they seek revenge. St. Rita fearing their salvation, prays they be taken before they act on their decision, to kill the person responsible! Within a year both sons die of illness and St. Rita finds herself alone, and her desire to be only God’s, returns. Turned down from entering the local convent does not deter her. She is relentless and in the middle of the night three Saints show up to her door, to lead her to the convent. More is the story of this heroic woman. St. Rita is a perfect example of humility and love

Click here to purchase the story of St. Rita.

The book above is published by Tan books and is a pretty short book that gets straight to the point of the Saints story. It has around 40 pages and can easily be read in a night if one wanted to. It tells from birth to death and then it tells some of the amazing miracles and events that occurred around her death and canonization.

The Church of St. Rita in Italy

Want to know a little more about this amazing Saint? How about she is still incorrupt? That is right, perfectly preserved and has been resting in this state since her death in 1457! The casket built for her by someone in the town, holds her remains. The Saint peacefully reposed, laying as if asleep. Except on the rare occasions which she has visibly floated to the top of her glass coffin!

Check out the site of her tomb HERE

Local Shrine of St. Rita in the USA

We are lucky enough to have a shrine here in America to this great Saint. You can submit prayer requests, read stories, or visit their gift store. Check it out HERE

Build your own little shrine

I recently added a statue of this great Saint to my own prayer altar at home. I am always facing impossible causes, people are always asking for prayer and one thing I could use is a Saint like Rita on my side, at the heavenly throne of God. However, having this beautiful statue present in my home also reminds me of the life she led, the humility and patience she had as she suffered through some terrible moments in her life.

My suggestion for your statue needs

Most of the time, you buy these little statues and the same “mold” for each one, with some different paint thrown on. I had to say when I ordered it from my friends at The Catholic Company, I figured it was gonna be another one like that. I looked up to see if they even had a statue of St. Rita – they sure did!

A home statue worth spending your money on

Looked pretty decent by the picture, but we know how that goes too….. Soon I ordered my gift and waited to see what I would get. When the package arrived I was surprised at how heavy it was. When I opened the box (which was packed very well) I could not believe the detail of the statue. It reminded me of the statues in Church! The weight of it too was substantial for this 9in statue. Solid work, makes for a statue that isn’t going to shatter when one of the seven kids or the pets are playing around in the house! I am not even afraid to have her on the side of my altar! Take a peek!

Even the solid pedestal she stands on has her name lightly etched into the front of it. Just like the statues at Church. I would encourage anyone looking for a statue of Saint Rita to check this one out, but they have all kinds of other statues as well and you can be assured they are going to be the same great look and quality. I am pleased with mine. The same week we got it, my 12 year old asked if she could take it to Mass with us and ask Father to bless it. She now includes Saint Rita in her nightly prayers! Stop in HERE to get your own statue ordered.

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We all need a hero, someone to look up to. Saints are great examples of what we are capable of, and need to do. They are wonderful examples to our children too. We should “Catholictize” our homes. It is the Domestic Church, it should resemble one. In the days past when you walked into the home of a Catholic everyone would have pictures of the Lord, Mary and the Saints. You KNEW you were in the home of a Catholic. Today, not so much. Let’s bring back the days of old where the Domestic Church looked like it was a place of love, of holiness, of Peace. Start today! Saint Rita is a perfect example of humility and love, so should we!