One thing you can do, guaranteed to improve your spiritual life. Accept what it is. When we address the elephant in the room regarding our spiritual life we can work with it in a whole new way. It is called a Relationship. Yeah, personally I think this is why most men have an issue with things like Church and faith. A lot of us are selfish and don’t do relationships real well. Women on the other hand are more in touch with that side of their feelings. It is not a tried and true rule, call it more of an observation.

Accept it, your in a relationship!

What we need to accept is this is a relationship, and when we identify it as one we can then perform accordingly. When we identify our spiritual life like this, and not as a tablet with just a bunch of hard rules on it, it becomes more do able. However, current marriage statistics show, humans are not much for lasting relationships. How does this help me in my spiritual life?

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much emphasis do I place on my spiritual life? (Is it important to me, to live it outwardly)
  • How much time do I give to my faith/religious and spiritual life? (Is it important to me, to live it inwardly)
  • Do I want a real relationship with Jesus?
  • Am I willing to put in the work required of me, in this relationship?

Relationships are not one sided, and they take work. Begin thinking and looking at your approach to your spiritual life, and how you connect with Jesus as any other relationship. Do you go to Mass on Sunday and that is it? Maybe say a prayer or two here and there? We need to take time to nurture our bond with Christ, real time. Sit down, and have a real conversation.

Here are a few ways to improve your spiritual Life with Jesus.

  • Reading scripture for 15 Minutes a day
  • Having a time for prayer, but then taking 5 minutes of real heart to heart sharing
  • Reading books on the Church and on the lives of the Saints
  • Adoration – Just go in and sit and enjoy the peace and quiet time with Jesus
  • Daily Mass – even just one other time a week
  • Sunday Mass Prep- Before you go, look up the readings and read them over. When you get there go early, and spend time in prayer.
  • Say the Rosary and ask our Blessed Mother to lead you closer to her Son
  • Read the daily readings from Mass – You can find them here
  • Create a Spiritual Plan of Life
Bible and Rosary

This list is not all inclusive of everything out there, but it gives you a few ideas to begin with. Remember it is about quality time, time that is often times sacrificial. I hear all too often “Jesus will understand”. Yes, he will to a certain degree. But how often do we say that? At some point those who love us most, take the blunt of our short handedness. We tend to take advantage of their understanding.

It takes hard work and sacrifice

I was speaking with my teenage son the other day about relationships and how they are hard work. They take understanding, and learning one another. It takes time and is something you must work towards. Today, we expect things to be instantaneous and according to our desires. It’s our turn to be understanding, and to be giving and sacrificial to a loving and giving Lord. I am pretty certain I can say, we all can do better.

Don’t forget about the others!

We can’t forget about the others. What do I mean? Well when you love your wife it includes putting up with her goofy aunt, or her crazy cousin! Well, maybe we need to take the people around us and treat them a little better. The homeless person on the corner at the store, the guy in class or at work that is such a pain. The old man across the street that complains about everything. They are related to the Lord, and the way we treat them, also reflects our feelings towards Him.

One thing you can do, guaranteed to improve your spiritual life

When we look at the spiritual journey through this looking glass. We have a form of measurement that rings a little clearer to our day to day life. We tend to over complicate the small things, enjoy your time with God, and Love the journey! One thing you can do, guaranteed to improve your spiritual life? Love Jesus, and recognize it’s a relationship.