Now is the measure of the stay at home dad! What does that even mean?

I was asking myself the other day why men who stay at home have a stigma? You can see that people will look at you in a sense of wonderment and confusion. The next question that almost always follows is “What does your wife do?” I like to mess with them a little, “She’s a tugboat operator on the Mississippi….” You can just see their faces glaze over with so many more questions. Why is it when you tell some one your a stay at home dad you get a look? For example, why are their HUNDREDS of mom blogs, and so few dad blogs? It isn’t really upsetting to me, I find it comical and, with my sense of humor, enjoy laughing at things like this. Because when it all comes down to it, it is not a big deal.

Tug Boat Operator Salute

Speaking of Tugboat operators. I had a friend that worked on a tug like that. I tell you what, that is an interesting and awesome job! It takes special individuals to do that job. Certainly, It is NOT easy in any form or fashion. It is a must do job, and I wanna say my hat off to them for doing it and moving that cargo! Thank you if you are a tug boat operator.

The measure of the stay at home dad

Men and women are created differently. Regardless of what anyone may want to propose to the contrary. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, It is time for the woman to be more in the outside world. Putting perspective in the world from a woman’s point of view. On the flip side, the family needs to be exposed more to the man perspective and presence.

Different times different methods

There comes a time when we must utilize a different strategy to overcome obstacles. For the sake of time and my sanity I am not even going to approach why the world needs a woman’s touch right now. Our focus really is on the stay at home dad. Why is it time for dad’s to assume more of these roles? The family is absolutely under full attack from the evil one. Dad’s need to be more available to their families. To be present for the children to see a strong male role model. Mom’s have carried the mantle for so long of being the home maker, and during the time when she was needed in that responsibility. Now the attributes of the fathers are needed to guide and guard the family home.

My time at home

Learning to cook, clean, take care of the kids. It is truly an adventure and has been such a blessing, and honestly eye opening to many things. I have also seen my wife get up and go to work and come home and be the bread winner. For me this has been very rewarding.

Remember to pray before you do anything.