A solid piece of advice for parents, learn from your mistakes and don’t do the following!

Let me start by saying my ignorance was brought on by a sport I loved and a grudge of the other. I claim innocence in my stupidity!

As a kid I played football, nothing else really but football. The older I got the more I loved the game, and what it represented. In the town I grew up in if you played football you were looked on as a titan. The cross town rivals were fierce and the annual Homecoming celebration was everything that represented life in this town! So it goes to say, my life revolved around football.

Soccer on the other hand, not so much (again, I claim ignorance here!). We looked on the soccer players as those guys. Nichole did date two soccer players in high school which brought about an even deeper dislike of those guys. To say the least we classified them as sissy’s. It stuck with me even into adulthood.

Life is much different with kids!

Fast forward a few years and I have two boys of my own with a love of football and hate of SOCCER! Now, we were active in the community. We knew this nice family, the Father worked for the CIA, and was an avid body builder, we will call him (Terminator). I am pretty sure his neck was the size of a telephone pole. To say the least he was a big guy. My son and his son were friends and one night mine decided to say the night. When picking him up from the sleepover, standing there with the terminator, he told me about their night, they discussed sports, he told them all soccer players are sissy’s. Terminator turned to me and said, “Yeah, we all had a laugh at that, since I played all four years of high school….”

I realized that sometimes, there should be a mute button on our grievances. When it comes to passing them on to our children it is not fair. Terminator didn’t take it too personally, we had a good laugh. What the event did teach me? I needed to censor what I pass down to my group. We don’t even realize the influences our little chip on our shoulders, our subtle negative responses our lack of attention. These little things can become bitter pills to swallow later down the road.