Fatherhood encompasses love and prayer and duct tape is an option…..Fatherhood is a lot more than a catchy title for a blog. It encompasses everything you do.

A role model

Today, what we face is a world full of children without any person in that important role in the family. Oddly enough however, the void is filled by whatever male role model enters the picture. It can be anything from a super hero to a rap star. Some can be positive, a lot more can be a negative influence on a young mind. Fertile soil will welcome any seed, and from that seed will sprout whatever is planted.

I am sure we are all well aware that our children, through no fault of their own will also pick the path of least resistance. So it is only fitting that we have a plague affecting our world today. Children without someone to look up to, who set a positive example in their lives will almost certainly be at a disadvantage to become the adults society needs. I know I was one.

Our Job Description

Our jobs are unique to our situations, each Father is given gifts and attributes which are present for him to use to raise the child or children he has been entrusted with. It is not easy, it requires more than just showing up. Like any other job it requires training, research, and a solid resolve to be the best at our job.

Fatherhood encompasses, Love and Prayer (Incase) duct tape is an option…….

Prayer is a necessity, even if it to refrain yourself from duck taping the little guys to the wall! Strong fathers are created, by strong men who desire nothing more than to love their children beyond any obstacle, and to simply be present to them as they grow. Love can overcome most things, and if that doesn’t work, there is always duck tape at your local Dollar General at a very decent price. Keep pushing, keep trying and above all keep praying. Fatherhood is like anything else, it’s a work in progress.