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Are you curious about the Catholic Faith? Do you have questions about your faith? Divorced and not sure what that means in regards to your faith? Have you fallen away from the Catholic Church and wish to return, but have no idea how? Come home to the Catholic Faith, we will help guide you.

Where to start

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When we do anything pertaining to the faith the first thing to begin with is prayer. If you are reading this, if you are searching, then you are being called by God to a deeper understanding, to a return to your faith. Since God has placed this on your heart, your first response is to speak to him, to ask him for guidance, to be open to the Holy Spirit. I know from experience how it is to be separated from the Church and a desire to return. Begin with simply talking to the Lord to guide you in your quest. Because there are going to be little obstacles that creep up as you begin your journey to the faith.

When we begin to walk more towards the light we will find little problems that arise to discourage us. To try and shy us away from returning to the house of our Lord. We must prepare ourselves for this. Like any real relationship, we must work to establish this relationship. God is waiting on us, and now is our time to show our desire to return to him.

We are here to help

When you have resolved to take the next step it is time to make contact. You can always call your local parish, ask to speak with or set an appointment with the Pastor or another priest there. You can also call your Diocese and ask them for help in finding someone in your area to speak with regarding your questions. If you have a Catholic friend they might know who to speak with. Be careful not to listen to all the outside influence, and though your reading this online, be careful of what you read. There are lots out there that is misleading and wrong. If you are not sure who to contact, or unsure or even scared. We will help you find the right people to contact in your area. Please feel free to contact us and we will answer questions, help to point you in the right direction of who to contact.

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