I have been praying on this for quite some time and finally felt it was time to voice my opinions on the website, I feel is doing tremendous damage to the Church in America, and I am sure a few other places through the world as well. Church Militant, is a website dedicated to destroying the bride of Christ.

Contrary to the Mandate of Jesus

We don’t have the resources or even the degrees that the owner of the broadcasting agency that runs their site. But what we do have is religious conviction. We respect the Church and her clergy, even the fallen ones. I have mentioned this in some of my other posts, but we are told by Jesus not to assassinate the name of His clergy. To speak ill of them outwardly, to destroy their good name and to question their authority, is to weaken the Church.

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I was in danger of going down that road myself. Having been around the Church and friends who are Priests and Bishops, Administrators and Teachers, I see the way the sausage is made, it is not pretty. Searching my heart for what to do, how to speak out against the concerns I had. I started writing a book on what is wrong with the Church, and how I would fix it. Naming names of those who needed to go, with reasons and more. The book still sits in my drive, tucked away where it will be till I depart this earth.

We deserve to know the truth

I remembered the teachings of the Church, the visions of St. Catherine of Siena, the words of scripture. The more I wrote the more I was drawn to defend my decision to publish its content because light needed to be shed, they (You all) deserved to know the truth. You do deserve to know the truth. We all do. So here it is!

The truth is your Church is both Human and Divine just like her Lord. However, our Lords humanity is perfect, the Churches humanity is not so perfect. The humanity of the Church like you and I, is tarnished. If you believe the leadership of the Church is without sin, then you do live in a fantasy land beyond what is safe. The sooner we realize as men/women we make mistakes, we don’t always make the correct decisions and we are weak. However, Church Militant the website is dedicated to destroying the bride of Christ, by creating hate and anger towards the very thing that represents hope to the world!

Prepare to be disappointed

Church leadership is held to a higher standard. Absolutely, I agree and support that thought. However, I also know those on pedestals will be knocked down, they make grander targets. Jesus tells us in the Gospel that men will let us down, we will be disappointed by the leaders of this world. So why then are we so shocked by the fact we have issues within our Church?

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Bashing the Bride of Christ

Here is a revelation to those who are constantly bashing away at the Church. What are you doing to help it? What can I do to change it? Sling mud, break down the foundation? Further push the story she is corrupt and full of filth? Basically, help the world see how it is as they claim and is not the bride of Christ? Did you read that, The Bride of Christ. I am not sure about many of you, but as a husband if you spoke ill of my wife I may be inclined to poke ya in the face with my fist. Husbands defend their wives, its our natural tendency. Why would we want to criticize her, let alone create a site, and generate profit from putting it out there! Church Militant is dedicated to destroying the bride of Christ, by making sure you know how bad she is!

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Focus on spreading the GOOD News!

We have an obligation to try and protect the Church. The time to sit back and let the clergy do everything is gone. Instead of pointing to the stick in the eyes of the Bishops and Priests, take a look at the Beam in our own! Preach the Good news of the Church. If we expelled as much energy in promoting the faith as we do criticizing, we would be doing pretty well!

We will make mistakes, we will not be perfect. But we vow to work the best to promoting the faith, and keeping our eyes fixed on the Gospel mandate from Jesus, to spread the Gospel Message to all the ends of the world! Supporting the contrary is going to affect us, negative, vindictive, and controversial news and messages are much more juicy. They entice our natural desires for sin, that is why it is so hard to fight sin, sin is fun. We have to watch for those wolves in sheep clothing. Websites that speak of nothing but negativity, regardless of the subject, are not healthy. Keep the faith, have faith in God, The Holy Spirit, and pray. As Padre Pio use to say: “Pray, Hope, and don’t worry”

If you don’t believe me go to www.churchmilitant.com and look for yourself at just the home page and how everything on there is focused on the negative and hate for anything in the Church.