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The Holy Father continues his Wednesday Catechesis on prayer. Click here to read more on what the Holy Father had to say! Click Here

Pope Francis has been doing some work on reforming the Code of Cannon Law. Work that his predecessors had begun but never were able to finish up. For details on the reforms click here

The Pope’s June Prayer intentions: The Beauty of Marriage. As we enter the summer season and the “Season of Marriage” the pope has his focus set on the Sacrament of Marriage! Click Here

Wish to help out with the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame Cathedral? Just click the button below to become a Friends of Notre-Dame!

On April 15th 2019 we watched as a beloved Cathedral of the Church burned. Today, news of phase one of the operation to securing the building is almost complete. Phase two of the restoration will begin. A lot of work to do but the Church will rise from the ashes. Click Here For More

St. Gabriel News Page bringing Catholic news and highlights!