I had a pastor once that we were having a meeting about the parish. I must have said something that was focused more on myself than on the parish. My pastor asked me to take a walk and we walked the grounds talking about different topics with the faith, and before I knew it we were standing in the parish cemetery. He said, “ya know, all these people have died, and the Church continues on. One day you and I will die and guess what, the Church will continue on without us.” We have a hard time understanding we are not the lynch pin in the entire operation. Betrayed as by a Kiss, Judas wanted to shed light on a few things too.

Some thought maybe his motive was if Jesus was confronted He would rise up and fight the way he (Judas) felt he should. Some historians believe whatever happened in Judas, he never intended for the eventual outcome. Whatever the case, Judas lost in the long run.

Time to Pick your teams

For a Church that believes it is directed by the Holy Spirit, and established on sacrificial love, there sure is a lot of negativity and nastiness being thrown around. The Media can bet if it has anything associated with the Church, they will get attention and lots of it. Catholic’s and Non-Catholics alike will flock to a discussion to destroy one another. Ask yourself, “Where am I in all this?” Whose side are you on? Left or Right, conservative or liberal? Because it is a time to choose a side and the side you choose will decide your eternal faith…

I choose Team Jesus

Here is my side, Jesus Christ. I choose Jesus! That’s right you can simply pick team Jesus and guess who wins? Leave all the other discussions at the door. Jesus established HIS Church, and it is guided by the Holy Spirit. He placed in charge of it a sinner, someone who turned his back on him, denied him not once, but three times! Yeah, Jesus knows humanity is running this side of the Church. The Holy Spirit is the guide. Left to our own, well refer to the Garden of Eden for that outcome.

God has called those in leadership of his Church to guide us. Obedience is hardest to practice when we do not agree with the way someone might be handling a situation. Jesus and The Holy Spirit are taking care of us. Jesus Christ has called us to share his message. If we work on spreading the message, as much as we work on destroying, think of the Church we could have! Remember what we started with? Betrayed by a Kiss, Judas thought he was shedding light on a few things too…. Trust in Jesus, do as he tells us to do. We are not always aware of what we do not see.