What is my story? When my wife suggested I become a blogger, I thought, “what are you talking about?” I work in management, not in writing and I did not need to shake things up. The more I thought about it the more I realized I wanted to share my faith. I wanted to assist others to find a place to go for advice, and support about their faith.

Cafeteria Catholic

My background was working in the church. As a result of working there, I saw the “Catholic Dads” and how many, to be blunt, were fakes. Don’t take my honesty as judgmental, but what I knew and saw, they took no more an active part in their faith than my friends who were not Catholic. Some, you could argue might not even be Christians. Those types of “Catholics” are more harmful than they are helpful. To clarify, I am painting a bit of a broad stroke of the brush to stay vague on purpose. I do however, want to say they are out there, and I know you all have run into them at some point. Indecently, you could be one I suppose….

Catholic at work

On the other hand, I met guys who were truly authentic, down to earth, extremely prayerful and authentic. They were regular guys like me! Similarly, they were blue and white collar guys, such as, mechanics, engineers, lawyers, they were men who you would never look at and question.

They were not always the bastion of Christianity, how do I know? The guys would talk about going to confession! And were realistic with who they were. My desire was to bring that to others. I wanted to have a place where we can go to find consolation being a strong Catholic Man. It is hard to be a man and keep your traditional values. With everything thrown at you today, it is a fight to maintain your Christian virtues.

So I started this blog, to share my ideas, thoughts, recipes, and even offer prayer to those of us who are faithful servants of the Lord. As the country singer would say “That’s my story and I am sticking to it.”

I became a stay at home dad and blogger, for the closeness of family, and to share my faith! Please invite your friends to the page, share our social media pages and help expand our footprint.


We do have advertisements on our site and suggest options for purchase in my posts. These are affiliates and I do make a percentage off of the sale of items. Consequently, they do assist in the loss of my income and help support my family. I don’t want you to buy what you do not need, what you may not want and if you don’t purchase anything that is fine. I want you to still visit the blog, sign up for our Emmaus Road, and share your input. If you do find the site helpful let us know.

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I want to hear your prayer requests. I will include them in my daily prayers. Praying for you and your intentions is an honor and privilege. It is in the Community of Believers that the Church was formed, the Communion of Saints is very real, very present. I find comfort in praying for all those who need it.

In exchange, I have a special request of you. My family and I have adopted St. Jude Hospital as our personal Apostolate. I would ask for you to offer prayers for the Children there and for their families. I in turn, will be eternally grateful!

Be Good, Be Holy, Be Devoted – I love ya and so does Jesus!