Who is Catholic Dad, and what is Adventures of Fatherhood? Originally started as a side hobby. Adventures of Fatherhood was supposed to be focused on the common every day dad finding a place to go and socialize, and learn what it means to be a Catholic Father today.

What ended up forming is a multi-platform blog and social media grouping to help the busy Catholic of today to learn more about their faith, to have a place to go for community beyond the parish, and to establish a place to come and ask for prayers.

Theology and beyond

I attended college in England for Theology. I was blessed with learning Theology from some of the best minds in the Church. What they loved was Catechesis. That is teaching the faith, in a real and personal way. It’s not enough to know about our faith, but we must understand why we do it. Again, I was blessed with opportunities to work in different parishes from some very small country Catholic Parishes to the mega ones! In addition I learned every single parish has its pro’s and con’s. The one thing that remains the same is God!

The strength behind the man

I am married and have 7 living children. 1 child never made it to be with us here, but he is with us in Heaven. As a result our little Saint is praying for us in heaven. My wife and I have enjoyed 23 years of marriage. I am a revert to the faith and she is a convert to the faith. I always tell people she saved my soul. She is the reason I am where I am.

Consequently, I am now a stay at home dad, and a full time blogger. I never thought I would be here. All I can say is God has a great sense of humor. My little girl and I have some really fun days! She thinks she is staying home right now to take care of me…..

The Apostolate

My apostolate is for you, I have chosen to serve the people of the Church in a different way. When I was working for the parishes the one constant remained. People just could not make the times at the parishes. Priest shortages and schedules were issues I saw all the time. What we wanted to do was offer teaching. Catholic Teaching, in easy to understand and personal way’s that people can catch on their lunch breaks, in the waiting room at the doctors office, on the train, bus, plane, whatever the case. We want to be present to you and your electronic device.