Summer is flying by and we are fast approaching the beginning of a new school year. Many parents are questioning what am I going to do with my kids this year? The world is going a little nuts! Curriculum many times is not aligned with church teaching, violence, and general lack of care for human kind, in the over all spectrum of it all makes us question, if we even wanna send our kids to school. The Church teaches WE are the primary educators of our children. So, why not start now, dads after all are staying home more? A home school program guaranteed Catholic and perfect for beginners is out there and we have the inside scoop!

Guaranteed Catholic


The best part of this program is you can bet it is Catholic. Published by Tan Books this program follows a long tradition of Catholic writing. Tan has a commitment to the teachings of the Church and to the Magisterium of the Church. They have a set of Core Beliefs that they follow and even publish to show they are not scared to be held accountable. They write on their site regarding their Trustworthiness:

“TAN Academy is built and run by the same people who publish TAN Books and has modeled itself upon the same core values of faithful adherence to the tradition and teachings of the Magisterium. Our educational goal is to grow the whole person into a well-formed Catholic who will evangelize others simply by living an authentically Catholic life which was greatly assisted by his educational upbringing.”

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Easy to use

Home school programs which are all inclusive usually have a down side of being stringent to the program. Tan allows the program to be built around the needs of the child, not the child conforming to a program. Assigned an academic coach, you can discuss what changes are made to a particular subject to adjust the program. Even if you have two in the same grade – they can have the same program like a traditional program – or if one excels in a different area, it can be adjusted for that particular student.

Perfect for Beginners

This program is perfect for beginners. It comes with lesson plans, suggested reading, and even an outline for a schedule! Tan has thought of everything and realized that many parents, want to teach their children. However, have absolutely no idea how! People go to college to teach – it can be very over whelming. Tan Academy looks to make that over whelming feeling go away. With that comes a sense you can actually do this on your own!


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Here is the best news of the entire program – IT IS AFFORDABLE! Some programs can cost you $1,000-$2,000 in the program, books, and fees that always seem to pop up! Tan is substantially lower and because they are the publishers of the books, they can offer better discounts. A Home School Program, Guaranteed Catholic and Perfect for Beginners!

If your interested take a look by clinking on the link. We receive a commission on the sale, however it is of no additional cost to you. The proceeds go towards helping us support our family and the mission of evangelization.