The Catholic Bishops of the United States put out a document in 2020 on Liturgical Music. In the Preface it begins with:

“The beauty of Catholic hymnody is constitutively related to the truth of the mystery of faith it proposes for our wonder and praise.”

The bishops go on to say of the need for music to express beauty but how beauty is also truth. The music at Mass must have several items to be rich enough for such honors as to be included in the liturgy of the Church. Without neglecting the most important thing, Truth, the doctrinal content must be exact. Just as the document from the USCCB states: 

“Christian tradition, both Eastern and Western, has from antiquity been acutely aware that hymns and other songs are among the most significant forces in shaping—or misshaping—the religious and theological sensibility of the faithful”

The Music at Mass should be special and bring you into a deeper union with Jesus Christ as well as be theological and catechetical. Teaching us in its stanzas.

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