August Rosary Challenge! 

August has several feast day’s dedicated to our blessed mother. August 15th is the Assumption and August 22nd is the Coronation of Mary. Let us resolve to pray the rosary daily throughout the month. Let us all also promote devotion to the rosary this month! Below in the green button is a link to beautiful rosary’s that are very affordable! From $1.99 to .99 cents! They also donate all proceeds to a wonderful cause! Purchase your rosary’s today and give them to friends and family and ask them to join us in the August Rosary Challenge!

From Catholic Dad:

Allow me to welcome you to Adventures of Fatherhood. This site has undergone a transformation from its original intention to a site dedicated to the Catholic Faith. To providing topics and lessons on the faith, resources and news that is faithful to Rome. 

As we begin the month of August, we are reminded daily of our need for a Savior. I read the news everyday and it is so sad, so empty of hope, so full of anger. Jesus came to set the world free from all this, yet we deny him access to those areas which need him most. Let us work together, as a family, to pray for healing. Let us resolve to let go of those things which separate us.  

May God give you peace of heart, and a forgiving heart!

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