Christmas is not just a Day!

I was thinking of those who take down their Christmas decoration on Christmas day. People you know, Christmas is more than a single day? We have the Octave of Christmas, which is 8 day’s long, then we have the season of Christmas, which depending on which tradition you follow ends on Epiphany or on the Baptism of Jesus, in February! Regardless which you follow, it is longer than just a day, or just a few hours. We need to realize, Christmas is about Jesus, His Birth, and the Second Coming. Slowing down and taking a second to reflect could do a great deal for us. We are a bit too selfish about rushing to the next event! 

From Catholic Dad:

Christmas is a time of special grace and love. The Nativity holds a special place in my heart as the real birth of a spiritual journey. The ugliness of the King of the World being born to this world in a humble cave and laid in a manger. Mary was the first to jump out at me and I can remember the Love for her, the intense respect for someone going through what she was dealing with. The infant who is God, being silently welcomed by the quiet still of the night. It spoke to me in a real way. The light of the world was born, and many, most did not even know. We are the same way today. Let’s resolve to be better, to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, to love, to give back. Merry Christmas my friends. 

Catholic Dad