September, the Month of Our Lady of Sorrows

September is almost over but I wanted to mention, it is the month of Our Lady of Sorrows. September we celebrate the feast of the instrument of the death of our Lord, and the following day the Sorrows His mother endured. Why? Well because as Christians, as Catholics, we are sometimes under the impression that means faith brings us happiness, and no suffering. While faith does bring us happiness, we are not to forgo suffering, in our suffering we must find the happiness of eternal life with our Savior. Mary, shows us the way to do that, as she watched first hand, and suffered first hand the reality of the affect of the sins of the world on her Son. By observing her, we can learn the way to bare our crosses too. 

From Catholic Dad:

First let me say I am truly sorry for my absence for some time!

I ended up catching COVID and well, it slows you down to say the least. I did not need hospital care but it was not a fun time. It really takes over and is so draining. 

On top of that my wife needed surgery for what could have been more serious than it turned out, but her recovery was several weeks. 

With those two issues, I was so exhausted daily, something had to give and unfortunately it was my site. However, I do preach: God, Family, Work, so I simply was following my own rules!

Anyway, thank you for your prayers and understanding. 

God Bless you and Keep you,

Catholic Dad