Focus on YOU!

I noticed a lot of people who can say whatever they want, but when held to their own standards, fall far short of the goal. More time should be spent looking at me and what I need to worry with than what my neighbor is doing and how I need to insert myself into their lives with my thoughts. Why do we feel we need to have an open boundary to say and do as we please? I think Social Media and the new addiction to putting everything we do, feel and say out to the world has set up a society that feels we can do that even outside of the media we are using. Really, keep your eyes on your own paper, and nose in your own business. You will answer to God for what you did, not what others did.

From Catholic Dad:

Our beloved dead need our prayers. I personally try and keep a loved one who has passed away in my daily prayers. I fail though. I forget and feel bad. We should really focus more on those who have gone before us. They need and depend on our prayers. It is a work of mercy to pray for the dead. Let’s resolve to work towards focusing some time each day on praying for our dead. 

Catholic Dad